Our equipment and services are ideal for clients within the construction and building sector, we can undoubtedly provide power solutions for any project. With generator sizes ranging for 10 kVA – 150 kVA, our generators are trailer mounted and road towable so can be transported to and positioned onsite with ease. Sledge mounted generators are also available.

Cable Distribution & Wiring Onsite Cabins

As well as providing our diesel powered generators we can also supply and install distribution/cabling/transformers and wiring of onsite cabins, cement cyclones etc if required. We provide industry-leading equipment helping to ensure you deliver projects on time and on budget.

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Fuel Management

If running your generator for extended periods of time, or even up to as much as 24 hours per day we offer fuel management solutions ensuring you have constant power when you need it most. We will connect fuel hoses to the generator from a standalone fuel tank that can be periodically replenished to ensure a constant flow of fuel and an uninterrupted power supply. Our experts can advise on the size of bunded fuel tank suitable, we have them available in sizes ranging from 220 Litre to 2375 Litre. All of which are bunded to eliminate fuel spills. Keeping tabs on fuel levels is a hassle you could do without. So we can manage it for you by arranging hassle free deliveries when required reducing the risk of costly break downs and downtime. We will continuously monitor your equipment’s load and operating pattern and adjust deliveries to suit.

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Lighting Tower Hire

At Hire Power Generators alongside our fleet of innovative generators and distribution equipment we also offer a wide range of mobile lighting towers available for hire.

Our NEW LED lighting towers bring you the very latest in mobile lighting tower technology offering more lighting coverage for extended periods thanks to their improved fuel efficiency, so you’ll never be left in the dark. All of our lighting towers are compact and road towable, so extremely easy to transport. They are also simple to set-up, operate and maintain and provide essential lighting requirements when you need it the most. We provide mobile lighting equipment for events of all sizes as well as providing for the construction industry where selecting the correct lighting on site in vital not only for employee health and safety but also with security in mind. Here at Hire Power Generators our experienced team are here to help you choose the right lighting tower for you, get in touch with us today.

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